Common Struggle Online Voting Policy

Common Struggle use an online voting process as follows:

1) Member, supporter, or committee (the proposer) puts out a draft proposal for review or comment. Proposal is clearly listed as a draft.

2) The proposal enters a week long discussion period. During the discussion period, amendments are proposed. If the proposer agrees with the amendment, it is considered a "friendly amendments" and incorporated by the proposer. If not, the following steps are taken:

2a) Whoever wants the amendment first tries to work out a compromise with the proposer.

2b) If no compromise can be made, whoever wants the amendment asks for a "second" - that is, another member who agrees with the amendment.

2c) If no "second" is found, the amendment dies 2d) If a "second" is found, the membership must vote on whether to incorporate the amendment, and then the discussion period resumes.

3) A current draft of the proposal is always available to the membership using the communication method CS has chosen.

4) After the discussion period has ended, the proposal is clearly marked as "Final" and sent for a vote.

5) Vote will be collected via online survey. It will be the rotating task of a Delegate Council member to send out the survey. Emergency votes will take 3 days, regular votes 7 days.