Forum on new anarchist book by Wayne Price in NYC

November 23rd, Tuesday at Bluestockings. at 7 pm.
Presentation on new book by Wayne Price, Anarchism & Socialism: Reformism or Revolution?

How can anarchists with a working class approach also support nonclass struggles (over race, nationality, gender, GLBT orientation, ecological issues, etc.)

How can anarchists build a revolutionary organization without creating a vanguard party?

How can anarchists urge the oppressed to "take power" while
consistently opposing all states?

How can anarchists use Marxist economics to understand the continuing Great Recession and the nature of Stalinist states?

From the Forward by Andrew Flood of Ireland: "This collection of essays by Wayne Price...will hopefully play a significant part in building the movement we need....Wayne's insights are important to us because they are based not just on a theoretical study of revolution but on four decades of practical experience in the North American left and in the anarchist movement."

Bluestockings Bookstore is at 172 Allen St., the extention of 1st Ave., between Stanton and Rivington, 1 block south of Houston St., on the east side of the street.

Phone: (212) 777-6028.
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