Boston: Black Flame Reading Group

Join us for a public reading group - the first Saturday of every month, 6pm at Encuentro 5, 33 Harrison Ave, Chinatown, Boston.

Reading Schedule:

Saturday, December 3rd: Chapters 1-2

Saturday, January 7th: Chapters 3-5

Saturday, February 4th: Chapters 6-8

Saturday, March 3rd: Chapters 9-11

Purchase Black Flame online from AK Press or at the Lucy Parsons Center.

What does Anarchism actually mean?

You may have heard about anarchism before. Some people will tell you it's just chaos, violent individualism, or terrorism, and that it existed only in Europe around the turn of the last century. They're wrong. Join Common Struggle in re...ading and discussing Black Flame, an in-depth look at the history of anarchist ideas and movements. Written by two South African anarchists, Black Flame illustrates anarchism as a vibrant working class movement - with deep roots on every continent - struggling for a new world of freedom, equality, and justice.

We will be discussing Black Flame once a month for several months. This book is written in a way that makes it relatively easy to jump in at any point but we suggest you try and keep up with the readings on your own even if you cannot make it to a meeting.