From Occupy to Organize Workshops

A series of Workshops, presented by long-time community organizers from a wide background, to give activists the skills we need to build a truly popular movement!

Part One
Saturday, February 18th

Part Two
Saturday, March 10th

Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston St.
Boston, MA
(Back Bay on the Orange line or Copley on the Green line)

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Join our conversation about expanding participation in our movements. How do we move toward organizing with millions not just online but in our neighborhoods? Discuss ways we can work together to engage more people through organizing practices that are unfortunately uncommon in most activist scenes. Hear local organizing examples that have expanded participation beyond tactic-focused activism. Find out about ways Occupy activists have learned to move beyond Facebook activism to face to face relationship building based on solidarity through common struggles. Discuss with grassroots organizers organizing the 99% toward our demands. Learn about effective collaborations between the Occupy Movement and organizing projects and the development of organizing practices that support grassroots leadership of those most impacted by economic, racial and social injustice. Share examples from base building efforts from the Occupy Movement and from collaborations with grassroots organizing efforts. Hear about Occupy Boston’s efforts to organize on the neighborhood level.

Organizing trainings provided Occupy Boston activists with a participatory strategy and a campaign development process that built organizing capacity and turned activists into local organizers. For many of the Occupy activists it was their first time organizing more broadly than focusing on event or action mobilizations. Share success stories about your grassroots organizing that have reached beyond activist circles.

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