The Global Influence of Anarchism? A Fall/Winter Reading Group

Anarchism is often portrayed as an isolated group of angsty teens smashing a Starbucks window. However, Anarchism historically has been a vibrant movement active in nearly every corner of the world. In this reading group we will discover the movement that is Anarchism, its history and culture, as a force for total liberation. This is a great opportunity to explore your curiosity about a widely misunderstood ideology and to learn its fundamental beliefs. For this reading group we'll be reading Black Flam e: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism by Michael Schmidt and Lucien Van Der Walt.

Black Flame (Counter-Power, Volume 1) is the first of a two-volume set examining the democratic class politics of the worldwide anarchist movement, its vision of a decentralized planned economy, and its impact on popular struggles on five continents over the course of the past 150 years. From anarchism's first glimmers as a nineteenth-century ideology to today's anti-capitalist struggles, Black Flame traces anarchism's lineage and contemporary relevance, outlining the movement's insights into questions of race, gender, class, and imperialism.

Monday, September 24 (Ch. 1 – 3)
Monday, October 22 (Ch. 4 – 6)
Monday, November 26 (Ch 7 - 8 )
Monday, December 17 (Ch 9 – 11)

What Time?
6:00 PM

Libertalia Autonomous Space, 280 Broadway, Providence, RI

To get a copy of the book, call or text Cam at (401)529-7068 or email

Hosted by Common Struggle / Lucha Común