Care + Struggle Study Group (Boston)

Care + Struggle Reading Group
Saturday, June 15th
Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston St, Boston, MA
Facebook Event

What kind of health care do we want to give and receive? In June, we'll be learning about movements to create just, anti-opressive alternatives to existing health care services, controlled by workers and patients. We'll also be looking at the limits of organizing and activism around access to services.

All readings are available for free here:

There's a lot of stuff here, so please don't feel like you need to read/watch/listen to it all. Look at what interests you, and we'll talk about it on the 15th.

* Health and Hospitals, in The Young Lords: a Reader, ed. Darrel Enck-Wanzer, NYU Press, 2010

* Lincoln Detox Center: The People's Drug Program, an interview with Vicente "Panama" Alba, by Molly Porzig, in the Abolitionist, Spring 2012, #19: Mental Health.

* Lincoln Hospital: the Decline of Health Care, (audio recording) originally broadcast on WBAI radio, April 22, 1971

* "Services are Bad for You: You're either a citizen or a client." by John McKnight.

* Anarchism and the Welfare State: the Peckham Health Center, by David Goodway. Retrieved from:

* La Operación (40 minute documentary on forced sterilization in Puerto Rico, Spanish without English subltitles) Link:

* Historia de Taller Salud (4 minute video, in Spanish without English subtitles. We'll talk about it on the 15th) Link:

* The Bad Encounter Line, by the Young Women's Empowerment Project. Pages 11 and 16-26. Retrieved from:

* The ACTUP Oral History Project: a collection of over 60 short interviews with members of New York ACTUP. Watch a few, we'll share what we watched on the 15th. At