Care + Struggle Study Group (Boston)

Care + Struggle Reading Group
Saturday, June 15th
Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston St, Boston, MA
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Turkey: Yesterday & Today

Turkey: Yesterday & Today
by Gun Zileli & Ilhan Tekin

A brief Political History of Turkey
Second Edition (1994)

Originally published by Karambol Publications (London)


Care + Struggle Reading Group (Boston)

Care + Struggle Reading Group

Saturday, May 18th
Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston St, Boston, MA

Topic this month: The Politics of Women and Health: how gender inequality serves capital and state control. We'll be reading several articles describing the lack of access to healthcare, mistreatment by medical institutions, and forced treatment (psychiatric and reproductive) that affect women, paying attention to the similar and different forms of oppression experienced by women who are from the dominant culture and those who are from minority communities or developing countries. Drawing upon insights from previous readings, such as Caliban and the Witch, we'll speculate on how such maltreatment benefits capital and the state.

Upcoming Common Struggle Events in Boston

Please join us at these events coming up in Late February/Early March!

Wednesday, February 27th

Protest City Realty
3 pm
370 Chestnut Hill Ave. Brighton, MA

Join Common Struggle members as we support this NEW ROAD initiative.

Care + Struggle

1. Read for March 2
These readings will give us some theory on why caring labor is important:

a. On Elder Care Work and the Limits of Marxism, by Silvia Federici in Revolution at Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction and Feminist Struggle, PM Press 2012.

See also Domestic Workers United, a campaign cited in Federici's article, and "Spain's Jobless Rely on Elders, a Frail Crutch," (New York Times, July 29, 2012), as just one example of how elders have become providers in the austerity paradigm.

Almuerzo y Cine-foro de Año Nuevo

Únase al grupo local de Lucha Común/Common Struggle para un almuerzo y cine-foro de Año Nuevo.

Martes, 1 de Enero
12:00PM: Almuerzo
1:30PM: Proyección de "Freedom Road (Camino para la Libertad)"
3:00PM: Discusión

Nos encontraremos a las 12:00pm para compartir comida, solidaridad y nuestras resoluciones revolucionarias del año nuevo.

A la 1:30 pm, vamos a proyectar la película “Freedom Road (Camino para la Libertad)”

New Year's Brunch and Film Discussion

Join the Boston local of Common Struggle/Lucha Común for a New New Year's Day brunch and film discussion group.

Tuesday, January 1st
12:00PM: Brunch
1:30PM: Screening of "Freedom Road"
3:00PM Discussion

We will gather at noon to share food, solidarity and our New Year's revolutionary resolutions. At 1:30 pm we will screen the film "Freedom Road"

Nationwide Organization of Revolutionary Anarchists in the United States?

Originally posted on the Rochester Red and Black website. Colin is a member of Common Struggle as well as Rochester Red and Black.

By Colin O

Over 150 years of the anarchist theoretical and organizing tradition have passed, yet anarchist influence in the United States is practically non-existent. In some local contexts, we do see occasional anarchist influence, but in a nationwide context anarchists are practically irrelevant.

There has been a conversation brewing for a few years among some anarchists. This conversation has moved forward specifically in a grouping of organizations that have come together in recent years around the Class Struggle Anarchist Conferences. Since the first Class Struggle Anarchist Conference in New York City in 2008, it’s been increasingly clear that these different organizations have a great deal of agreement and could be strengthened by unification into a nationwide anarchist organization.

In anticipation for an upcoming conference of these organizations that intends to found this single, nationwide organization, this article is an effort to bring together the many arguments for why such an organization is desirable. More than that, I hope to show the inspirational possibilities of such an organization in the broader anarchist movement, so that this organization can take off after its founding.

El Día de Fred Hampton

Hoy es el Día de Fred Hampton. Es un día para recordar a un revolucionario y organizador comunitario dinámico. Fue clave en la construcción de un movimiento multirracial de la clase obrera que desafió al sistema de opresión y explotación. Debido a su eficacia, él y Mark Clark fueron asesinados a sangre fría por el Departamento de Policía de Chicago el 4 de diciembre de 1969.

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