Bashing The Black Bloc?

Although the basic idea of the Black bloc has been around for years, it only really entered the public consciousness after the Seattle demonstrations. But after two years of Black Blocs at all the major summit protests, has the Black Bloc tactic reached the end of its usefulness? What role should anarchists play in the anti-globalization protests? Are they still relevant at all?

Has The Black Bloc Tactic Reached The End Of It's Usefulness?

A response to Ray Cunningham's essay "Bashing the Black Bloc?" [from THE NORTHEASTERN ANARCHIST #4]

Immigrants And Unions

Immigrants and Unions

by Chuck Hendricks

I remember being on a construction site right after a strike by the plumbers. One of the clearest things that stuck out was the hostility between the Hispanics and the white workers. There's always a certain level, but this was worse than normal. I found out why after only a few days. During the strike the boss hired Hispanic plumbers to fill their spots, when the union realized that many of the scabs were undocumented they called the INS on them. Pretty soon the strike was settled, and scabs that had papers were allowed to stay and keep their jobs. They had to join the union because the contract said so, but they hated the union and the white workers for what they did to the undocumented workers. The question that comes is, what would have happened if these scabs were from Germany or Canada? Would the union have called the INS then? And how did the union know that some of the scabs were undocumented or did they at all? Maybe they just assumed that brown skin meant "ILLEGAL?"

Active Revolution

Dual Power, Activism, Grassroots Organizing, and much more... (from THE NORTHEASTERN ANARCHIST #4)

Did We 'Radicalize This'?: An Insider's Look At The Quebec Protests

Breaking The Barricades: Quebec's Carnival Of Resistance Against Capitalism

News and analysis on the Summit of the Americas protests in Quebec City, April 2001 (from THE NORTHEASTERN ANARCHIST #2)


Chris Gatewood is the outspoken leader of the Durham, North
Carolina branch of the National Asociation Advancement of Colored Peoples . He recently made "controversial", though truthful and courageous remarks denouncing the United States government for planning military retaliation for the Pentagon and World Trade Center attacks, and the use of Black males as cannon fodder and mercenaries in any front line attack.

Nicolas Phebus

Articles by Nicolas Phebus, Collectif Anarchiste La Nuit, Quebec City

Northeastern Anarchist #3

The Northeastern Anarchist

Issue # 3, Fall 2001

Despite The Tragedy of September 11th, We Still Remain Ungovernable!

This Issue's Feature: Anarchists Against The War

Racism And Class Struggle

Racial oppression remains a defining feature of the modern capitalist world. It is manifest most spectacularly in violent attacks on immigrants and minorities by fascist gangs. More important to the fate of these communities has been the systematic and increasing discrimination by capitalist states, manifest in attacks on the rights of immigrants, cuts in welfare services, and racist police and court systems.

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