UE Workers Strike In Northern Vermont!

Organized by the UE, a strong and militant picket line has been in effect for the last 48 hours. Today, November 12th more then 75 workers, supported by other trade unionists, people from the Vermont Workers Center, and a representative from the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective (NEFAC Supporters), attempted to block all traffic moving in and out of the factory.

Organizing For Class Struggle At UPS

December 2002

Organizing for Class Struggle at UPS

"There's a lot of talk about working-class organizing in the anarchist scene but not a whole lot really going on", the man speaking is a Chicago anarchist involved with the new Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives of the Mid-west/Great lake region (FRAC). Since July he, and a bunch of his co-workers, tried to change that in a big UPS facility. They founded a workplace resistance group: the Uprise! group.

Why Anarchists Oppose Militarism And Nationalism


Anarchism And Communism

Anarchism and Communism

by Luigi Fabbri

There is a bad habit that we must react against. It is the habit that authoritarian Communists have had for some time now, that of setting communism against anarchism, as if the two notions were necessarily contradictory; the habit of using these two words COMMUNISM and ANARCHISM as if they were mutally incompatible and had opposite meanings.

In Italy, where for something over forty years these words have been used together to form a single term in which one word complements the other, to form the most accurate description of the anarchist programme, this effort to disregard such an important historical tradition and, what is more, turn the meanings of the words upside down, is absurd and can only serve to create confusion in the realm of ideas and endless misunderstandings in the realm of propaganda.

The Intersections Of Anarchism And Community Organizing

The Intersections of Anarchism and Community Organizing

by Dave, Sabate Anarchist Collective (NEFAC-Boston)

Historically, revolutionary movements have been guided by revolutionary strategy and tactics. A successful dual power movement does not spontaneously arise; it needs consistent organizing within an anarchist-communist framework. If we want to be actively involved in pushing society towards a revolutionary consiousness we need to move outside our usual circles; we need to stop the cycle of activists only talking to activists. To step away from this paradigm is a change in tactics; a change which is sorely needed. After being an activist for years I decided to become a community organizer and with that expereince I gained new insights in revolutionary strategy: Anarchists can learn a lot from community organizing models in radicalizing neighborhoods and families.

Towards The Creation Of An Anarchist Movement

If we are ever to succeed in our goal of creating an anarchist-communist society, we need to be asking ourselves first and foremost: how do we get there?

Reforming The Black Bloc: Tactics And Ideology

The following is our response to issues raised by the "Open Letter to Those
Involved in the Black Bloc", printed in Volume 2, issue #12 of Willful
Disobedience, as well as to a lot of criticisms and issues that arose on the
Infoshop.org newswire discussion around this letter. The response is not as
complete, or necessarily well structured, as we would have hoped, due to
time constraints, but we do feel that it goes a long way towards correcting
some of the misconceptions around our idea of what black blocs should be,
what purposes they serve, when they are of use, how they should be
organized, etc.

An Activist's Guide To Quebec City, Part 1

A handy guide published by the Barricada collective prior to the anti-FTAA demontrations in Quebec City. History of Quebec City's nieghborhoods, Tips on getting across the border, and what to do once you're in Quebec City.

Revolutionary Anti-Fascism: A Necessity And An Obligation

Revolutionary Anti-Fascism: A Necessity and an Obligation

To many of us, the concept of militant resistance to fascism
and racism comes almost naturally. Essentially all currents of
revolutionary anarchism or Marxism agree on at least this simple

The Black Bloc In Quebec: An Analysis

As the dust settles from the massive and hugely successful anti-capitalist
mobilization in Quebec, it becomes time to take a look at where the
revolutionary anti-capitalist movement stands, some of the lessons of Quebec
(for the movement in general, and for black blocs more specifically), what
went well, and what didn't go so well. In addition, the events of the 20th
and 21rst in Quebec, coupled with the uprisings of the oppressed
African-American communities of Cincinnati, go a long way towards dispelling
several somewhat common claims of the liberal and authoritarian pacifist
left regarding black blocs, and more specifically, black bloc tactics and
their acceptance, or lack thereof, in oppressed and impoverished

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