The OPSEU Strike: Workers, Screws, Inmates And Class Struggle

The OPSEU Strike: Workers, Screws, Inmates And Class Struggle
By George 'Mick' Sweetman (Punching Out, NEFAC Toronto)

OPSEU is made up of a wide-range over 100,000 government employees ranging from college teachers & support staff, healthcare workers in hospitals, prison guards and psych screws, to general office workers and bureaucrats.

Anarchism, Marxism And Renewing Socialism From Below

A friendly debate between members of the New Socialist Group and NEFAC.

The Anti-G8 Protests In Calgary: Some Contributions To A Critique Of The Anti-Globalization Movement

An analysis from an anarcho-communist perspective of the anti-globalization movement in the context of the G8 protest in Calgary with a special focus upon the impact of Sept 11th, and contradictions between the movement's reformist and revolutionary tendencies. Contains a discussion on the weaknesses of the concepts of "anti-capitalism" and "diversity of tactics" as expressed by the movement's radical wing. Tom Keefer is a member of the North Eastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)

This Is Common Struggle! An Introduction To The Libertarian Communist Federation

An Introduction to the Libertarian Communist Federation

Common Struggle / Lucha Común is a bi-lingual (English and Spanish) organization of revolutionaries from the northeastern region of North America who identify with the communist tradition within anarchism. We oppose all forms of oppression and exploitation, and struggle for a classless, stateless, non-hierarchical society.

Audio: Interview With Nicolas, An Anarchist Activist From Quebec

Nicolas Phebus speaks about community organizing for the Summit in Quebec, police response, the St. Jean Batiste neighborhood, globalization protests and the role of anarchist groups

Audio: Anarchism And African-American Liberation

A look at what anarchism can learn from the black liberation struggle, and how the former might help the latter.

Audio: A16 - Interview With Black Bloc Member Flint Jones

An interview with Flint Jones, a participant in the Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc, about tactics, anarchism, and more.Click on the below link to go to the audio files.

Audio: Irish Anarchism

Chekov Feeney of Workers Solidarity Movement speakes about anarchism in Ireland and anarchist organization. This event was sponsored by NEFAC-NYC.

Audio: Collectives, Federations, And Revolutionary Struggle

A discussion of anarchist organizing in the form of federation structures made up of collectives or regional branches. The talk focuses on NEFAC today but also includes a look at Love and Rage historically.

Audio: An Anarchist-communist Analysis Of Environmental Destruction

This talk attempts to situate environmental damage along class struggle lines, within the capitalist system of production/consumption, and provides a vision of an anarchist-communist alternative.

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