Anarchist Mobilization Against The WEF:

The Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC) is calling for a united front of revolutionary anarchists to take to the streets of New York City on Saturday, February 2nd, as an organized bloc within the Anti-Capitalist Convergence mobilization. We invite all revolutionary anarchists to participate fully by bringing their banners, flags, presence, and messages to this march in order to make it as large and successful as possible.


"La accion directa es representativa de la lucha combinada contra la explotaci

International Anarchist Solidarity Statement For Protests Against European Summit In Nice, France

The summit of the European Union in Nice (France) is similar to all the previous steps in the building of this institution. It was, is and continues to be an institution designed to protect and help capitalism and the dominating classes. Today in Nice, the European Union must vote on a "Charter of fundamental rights" which is a real backward step for civilization. The rights which we obtained through decades of struggles will be simply suppressed in order to give satisfaction to employers, increase their profits and reinforce the exploitation of workers. It will align all European social laws on the basis of the worst ones.

S26 Solidarity Statement With Red & Black Anti-Capitalist Bloc

Revolutionary greetings from the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC) of North America and the Anarchist Federation (AF) of Britain to all participants within the International Red & Black Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc.

Call For A Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc At A16

Due to differences in theories, tactics, and organizing principles with the current direct action networks that are springing up around the country, we are calling for an organized bloc of all stripes of anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, revolutionaries at the upcoming demonstrations against the IMF/World Bank. We are not, however, calling for a strictly anarchist black bloc.

Solidarity Statement To The Anti-WTO Anarchist Black Bloc

The World Trade Organization (WTO), an international decision-making body and enforcement agency for unrestricted global capitalism, met recently in Seattle, Washington for its Third Ministerial Conference. The WTO is a 133-nation governmental organization, which favors multinational corporations, exploits farmers, supports child slavery, denies workers' rights, and destroys environments around the globe. On November 30th, as delegates were scheduled to begin the opening ceremonies of the week-long conference, they were met by tens of thousands of protestors who not only prevented the WTO's opening ceremonies from taking place, but also managed to shut down the entire downtown shopping district of Seattle for the better part of the day. This was achieved by the use of large-scale festive resistance, innovative protest tactics, and solidarity amongst the varying constituencies of demonstrators.


"Direct Action is representative of the combined battle against
exploitation and oppression. It announces, with inherent clarity, the
direction and orientation of the working class's endeavors in its
relentless attack upon capitalism. It means that the working class, in
constant rebellion against the existing state of affairs, expects nothing
from outside people, powers or forces, but rather creates its own
conditions of struggle and looks to itself for its means of action" --
Emile Pouget

Déclaration internationale des communistes libertaires, Québec 2001



À Québec, en avril 2001, 34 chefs d'États de toutes les Amériques - à l'exclusion de Cuba - se réuniront pour un troisième Sommet des Amériques. L'enjeu des négociations de ce Sommet comporte, entre autres, la création d'une Zone de Libre-Échange des Amériques (ZLEA) pour 2005. Cet accord de libre-échange est, en fait, une extension des accords déjà adoptés en Amérique du Nord (ALE et ALENA) désormais étendus de l'extrême Nord du Canada à la Terre de Feu. L'ALENA a déjà meurtri très profondément le Mexique, sans compter les blessures qu'il a également infligées aux prolétaires, aux étudiantEs, aux paysanNES, aux sans-emploi et aux retraitéEs du Canada et des États-Unis. Ainsi, nous pouvons déjà voir concrètement quels seront plusieurs des effets désastreux de ce fléau que sera la ZLEA sur les populations des Amériques.

Class Struggle Beyond Anti-Globalization Protest


Anarchism And Collective Organization

Anarchism and Collective Organization

by Matt (Firefly Collective)

Because of the frequent mass demonstrations that have been occurring in the past couple of years, a lot of people in the anarchist movement have formed, joined, participated in, or otherwise been involved with an affinity group. In fact, many people have been turned on to anarchist politics after experiencing first hand the efficient and empowering action that can come out of a solid affinity group. Working closely with people that share a mutual trust and respect, as well as a common strategy and vision proves the anarchist method of organizing far better than the most eloquent anarchist thinker. After all, it has its roots in what most of us consider to be the farthest reaching attempt at anarchist social revolution - the Spanish Civil War.

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