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class composition

A Critique of Anti-Assimilation, Part I

By Operaista
Reposted from Glittertariat

AKA "Why I hate the term 'classism'"; "Why I hate inverted hierarchies" will be Part II

A really big, important concept in radical queer thought and struggle is Anti-Assimilation, which, at its most basic, is "we don't want to elevate our position in the social order by becoming as much like the straights as possible"; clearly, there are a wide variety of possible positions that could be described as anti-assimilationist by that decision - from the communist position of "abolish the present state of things, the revolution is communization" to a very reformist view that just seeks to allow all genders, sexualities, expressions, etc, to be put on an equal footing. Between these two very different poles lie most people who would describe themselves as anti-assimilationist; in fact, I bet many who read this would point out that the very limited, reformist view of anti-assimilationism is not held by many who would use the term (which is true).

Announcing: Workshops at the Providence Anarchist Bookfair!

There will be two workshops again this year at the 5th Providence Anarchist Bookfair! They will be held from 2-5pm August 14th upstairs at the Perishable Theater on Empire Street as part of the book fair and the large music and art street party FOO FEST held by local community center AS220. Both workshops are courtesy of NEFAC comrades acting in personal capacity:

Communization: Insurrection, the "Alternative", and Class Composition

Presentation and discussion will focus on the "Communization" milieu: e.g.- Therorie Communiste, Tiqqun, Meeting, Trop Loin, Mouvement Communiste, the Call, the Coming Insurrection, etc. What do these groups have in common, what are they saying, what are the differences between them? What was their historical development and what similarities and relevance do they have for contemporary North American anarchism?

The Need for a Self-Defense Life Style in the Revolutionary Community

In the spirit of previous revolutionary groups, (i.e. Black Panthers, Latin Kings, etc) there is a need to go beyond simply accepting self defense in theory and through individual practice create a culture and a lifestyle (so to speak) of self defense and revolutionary community. This will be a discussion, not necessarily a self defense training.

providenceanarchistbookfair@gmail.com for more info!


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