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Freedom/Libertad Issue 8

Articles from Freedom/Libertad, Issue 8

In this issue:
Peoples' Resistance to the 1%'s Attack on Transit
The Popular Roots of the Quebec Student Strike
Spring Comes to the United States

Peoples' Resistance to the 1%'s Attack on Transit

On July 1st, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) increased fares 23% across the Boston-area public transit system. In response, community, worker, and political groups—including Common Struggle—formed the Boston Fare Strike (BFS) coalition. According to their statement, BFS launched a fare strike on July 1st to “not only defend our public transit, but to improve and expand it to better serve the people of Boston and the surrounding environment.”

Organizing Around Transit: At the Intersection of Environmental Justice and Class Struggle

by Tom Wetzel

For the older big cities in North America, public transit is critical to their daily functioning. Organizing among workers and riders on public transit has a strategic importance.

Buses, light rail cars and subway trains attract a diverse working class ridership. Workers in small factories, department stores, hospitals, and restaurants are thrown together on the bus. We encounter retirees going to a doctor's appointment, the unemployed, working class students going to classes at a community college, people of all colors and nationalities, immigrants and native-born. Organizing among transit riders allows the organizers to interact with a broad spectrum of the working class population.

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