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Pittsburgh: On Richard Poplawski, Edward Perkovic, and right-wing white supremacy

Public statement on the recent Pittsburgh police killings by the Greater Pittsburgh Anarchist Collective - gpacATTACK.org

Much has been said of the recent shootings in Pittsburgh involving a supposed white supremacist that resulted in the deaths of 3 police officers. We would like to provide information on the ideology of Richard Poplawski and his friends and to also express our anger at the hypocrisy of the media regarding the recent events.

One Battle Won: VFW Cancels White Supremacist Event

The Boston Anti-Racist Coalition excited to hear that the April 11th event scheduled to be at the South Boston VFW has officially been canceled. We want to thank all the individuals,groups and media who have put a spotlight on this despicable event that was to be held in our backyards. This sends a clear message to all hate groups, racists and bigots that Boston is not a welcome venue for such events and will never be so.

Everyone who called the VFW, the media and who spread the word of this event should be very proud. They should take great pride in the fact that these racist speakers, bands and their supporters will always have to walk on egg shells and face the very real prospect of their events being exposed to the general public, wherever and whenever they rear their ugly heads. We have pushed them further out into the fringe and the irrelevant and will continue to do so until they are no more.

Morristown: The Struggle between Immigration and Fascism

Armed neo-Nazis assault Anti-fascists in Morristown after anti-immigrant rally; Nazis lie, press distorts, and cops arrest 3 anti-fascists

July 29, 2007

Wherever neo-Nazis go, injustice follows. Morristown on Saturday was no different.

After the July 28, 2007 anti-immigrant rally in Morristown, NJ, two neo-Nazis attacked antifascists behind town hall. The neo-Nazis, 40-year old Frederick K. Williams ("Erick_K_W" on Stormfront) and Annette Williams of North Bergen, NJ, jumped from their pick-up truck armed with baseball bats and knives and assaulted pro-immigrant counter-protesters.

Lessons of the Israeli-Lebanese War for the Anarchist Movement

The war between Israel and Hezballah is temporarily over. The left has taken a range of positions on the Israeli-Lebanese war. Anarchists have opposed the U.S.-Israeli aggression, pointing out the reactionary nature of both sides in the war. However, many have tended to equate the two sides, to treat them as equally bad, and to call for opposing the war on both sides. While there is a good deal of confusion on this issue among anarchists, it is my impression that most have failed to support the oppressed against the oppressor in this war.

  • See also: Eyewitness Lebanon: In the land of the Blind (Michael Schmidt, ZACF)
  • All Over the United States Millions Rally for Immigrant Rights

    LOS ANGELES - Florentino Cruz, an illegal worker from Mexico, joined hundreds of thousands of immigrant rights supporters in rallies across the nation, holding a sign with a simple message: "The USA is made of immigrants like me." The protests Monday were the culmination of more than two weeks of mounting pressure for federal lawmakers to overhaul America's immigration po

    Anarchist Debate of Participatory Economics

    Some have described Participatory Economics (Parecon) an anarchist economy because of its principles of Self-Management and equity, which are intended to challenge hierarchy and other authoritarian apparatus. Northeastern Anarchist has hosted a debate among anarchists around Participatory Economics.

    Status, Survival, and Solidarity

    Non-Status people and the politics of precarity

    by Aaron Lakoff and Seth Porcello

    Just a few weeks ago, Manuel, a 19-year old refugee, sat alone in a jail cell in a detention center in Laval, just north of Montreal. Frightened and tired, he awaited his deportation back to Mexico. It was one of those freakish situations where one might rack their brain to determine what the hell they did wrong. In Manuel's case, it was very simple - he was a refugee without status who chose to defy a deportation order.

    Mohamed Cherfi recognized as a political refugee by the United States


    Mohamed Cherfi recognized as a political refugee by the United States
    Will Ottawa and Quebec finally take action?

    Montreal and Quebec City, June 2, 2005. The Board of Immigration
    Appeal in the United States has just recognized Mohamed Cherfi as a political refugee by overturning the refusal handed down by a U.S. Immigration Court judge on October 22, 2004. That recognition highlights all the injustice suffered by Mr. Cherfi in conjunction with the processing of his application for immigration to Canada and Quebec, which have several
    times denied the serious risks facing him in Algeria. The organizations and individuals supporting Mr. Cherfi, along with his partner, Louise Boivin, demand that the Quebec and Canadian authorities take measures so that he can return to Canada immediately.

    Mohamed Cherfi - your Support is still needed!


    Tuesday, March 15, 2005

    Below is the Mohamed Cherfi Solidarity Committee’s press release from the
    press conference held in Quebec City on March 15, 2005. The following
    people took part in the press conference: Reverend Gérald Doré,
    spokesperson for the Mohamed Cherfi sponsorship group; Louise Boivin,
    Mohamed Cherfi’s partner; Smail Behlouli, spokesperson for the Action
    Committee for Non-Status Algerians; Msgr. Pierre-André Fournier, Auxiliary
    Bishop and representative of Msgr. Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec City; and

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