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Libertad #3

Anunciamos la edición #3 de 'Libertad,' el boletín bilingüe de NEFAC-Nueva Inglaterra.

Descargarla aquí.
Ediciones anteriores: #2, #1

Haiti Solidarity!

Call for Solidarity and Funds for the Working People of Haiti!
¡Llamado para Solidaridad y Fondos para l@s obrer@s de Haití! (Espanol),
Appel à la solidarité: et à l’envoi de fonds pour les travailleurs d’Haïti! (Français)

Donate to Batay Ouvriye by way of Miami Workers Center

Money Orders/checks: Payable to Miami Workers Center (in memo write MAS), mail to
Miami Workers Center, 6127 Northwest 7th Avenue Miami, FL 33127-1111

01/14/09- A natural disaster has descended upon Haiti whose scope we only are seeing the surface of at this time. The Haitian people will be struggling to rebuild their lives and their home possibly for decades in light of unprecedented collapse, both physical and social. Yet despite the unpredictability of earthquakes, this disaster is unnatural, a monstrosity of our time. The extent of the damage of the earthquake is part of the cost of unrestrained exploitation which at every step put profit above the health, safety, and well being of the Haitian people. While the world watches on ready to help, power is being dealt an opportunity. The Haitian workers and peasants have been fighting for their rights to even the most basic level of existence for decades, while the UN-occupying force, the state, and the ruling elites maintain the social misery without relenting. Now as Port-Au-Prince is in rubble, new opportunities arise for rulers to rebuild Haiti in their own interests, and likewise for the Haitian workers and peasants to assert their right to their own Haiti, one where they will be not be forced to live in dangerous buildings, and work merely to fill the pockets of elites, foreign or domestic.

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